Adolescents Program (12-18 years)

Montessori Education For Adolescents

Maria Montessori emphasizes the significance of educating adolescents, as it is during this time that children transition into adulthood and become part of society. As teachers and parents, it is essential to provide them with the necessary care to navigate the intellectual, physical, and emotional changes they experience. By offering the right support and guidance, we can shape them into responsible citizens who contribute positively to society. At Prodigy, we hold guiding principles that aim to mould adolescents into both outstanding students and compassionate human beings. Our focus is on nurturing their growth and potential, helping them become well-rounded individuals ready to make a difference in the world.

Nurturing Responsible Adolescents - Embracing Growth and Empathy at Prodigy

At Prodigy, we deeply understand the significance of respecting and loving all adolescents as they navigate through challenging physical and emotional transformations. We recognize that during this period, they might be difficult to comprehend at times. Nevertheless, every adolescent who joins us is treated with utmost respect and care, as we aim to shape them into responsible individuals. This stage of life is marked by curiosity and a thirst for knowledge about the world around them. It is also a time where they may be vulnerable to making irresponsible choices. To guide them towards becoming responsible members of society, we engage them in meaningful activities that help them understand their roles and responsibilities within their community.

Empowering Adolescent Voices

Adolescents are full of ideas and questions, yearning to express themselves and be heard. At Prodigy, we provide a safe and open space for them to freely express their thoughts and feelings. We prioritize their intellectual growth, encouraging deep and critical thinking through our education approach. As they transition from a joyful childhood to a more aware phase, they may encounter challenges in the society. At Prodigy, we stand beside them, empowering them to face these challenges and emerge stronger. One significant challenge they encounter is understanding and embracing the bodily changes that come with adolescence. We offer them the support and guidance they need to accept and embrace these changes confidently. Our goal is to nurture adolescents with empathy, understanding, and a strong foundation to confidently embrace the journey towards adulthood.

Cultivating Social Responsibility - Empowering Adolescents for a Better Society at Prodigy

During adolescence, it is the perfect time to instill in kids the values of civility, a sense of community, and their role as responsible citizens in society. At Prodigy, we prioritize teaching these important lessons to our students. They not only learn about being good citizens but also discover how to be a considerate neighbour within their community. Our aim is to nurture them into becoming better human beings who actively serve and contribute positively to their community and society as a whole. Through our holistic approach to education, we empower adolescents to develop a strong sense of social responsibility, fostering a generation of compassionate and engaged individuals.

Empowering Adolescents - Nurturing Growth, Identity, and Communication at Prodigy

During adolescence, individuals experience significant changes and heightened awareness about themselves and the world around them. At Prodigy, we support them through this transformative phase, helping them adjust to these new experiences. Our focus is on nurturing the development of their personal values system, which provides clarity about their identity and what they stand for in life. Through various engaging activities, we help them expand their vocabulary, enhancing their language skills for effective communication. Additionally, we encourage group activities to foster strong peer relationships. Our comprehensive approach ensures their intellectual, psychological, emotional, and physical growth, providing a stable foundation for their future endeavours. At Prodigy, we believe in guiding adolescents to become well-rounded individuals who are confident in expressing themselves and building positive connections with others.

Academic Programme

At Prodigy we have the following academic programme for Adolescents.

Our core subjects are Humanities (English, Social Science), Maths and Science.

Exploring the Human Story

The Journey of Humanities Education

In the world of education, the Humanities program stands as a beacon of knowledge and understanding about the human story. Through literature, history, and various activities, students embark on a journey of wisdom, self-expression, and critical thinking. At Prodigy, we place great importance on cultivating a passion for learning and igniting the spark of curiosity within each student. Let us now dwell into the various aspects of our Humanities program, emphasizing how it shapes students into well-rounded individuals ready to make a positive impact on the world.

Literature serves as a profound reflection of life, offering students insights into the joys, sorrows, and challenges faced by humanity. Through our core subject, “English,” students hone their writing, reading, and editing skills. Engaging exercises, such as writing letters, journals, essays, and poems, and researching various topics, foster creativity and effective communication. By mastering grammar, spelling, and vocabulary, students develop into excellent public speakers, equipped to express their thoughts confidently.

Studying history provides students with a glimpse into the lives of influential leaders and the revolutions they brought to society. This exposure inspires and instills leadership qualities, empowering students to envision themselves as change-makers. Our extensive history curriculum encompasses key events and movements that have shaped the world, empowering students to learn from the past and prepare for the future.

Through anthropology, students gain insights into contemporary social and cultural issues, fostering understanding and empathy. By exploring topics such as immigration, international development, religion, health, gender, and race, they develop a global perspective. Geography education allows students to learn about diverse places, their cultural nuances, and physical characteristics, making them more adept in an interconnected world.

In our dynamic world, staying informed about current events is essential. By incorporating current affairs into the curriculum, we nurture a habit of staying up-to-date and informed about global happenings. This knowledge becomes an integral part of students’ lifestyles, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the world.

At Prodigy, our Humanities program serves as a gateway to understanding the human story and the world around us. Through literature, history, anthropology, geography, students grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially. By empowering them with knowledge and fostering a passion for learning, we prepare them to become thoughtful, empathetic, and responsible global citizens, equipped to navigate the complexities of life with confidence and wisdom.

Laying the Foundation for Practical Knowledge

In our Pre-Algebra classes, we dive deep into the foundational concepts that form the bedrock of practical mathematics. From data analysis and probability to numbering theory and algebra, we arm our students with the tools to make informed decisions and solve real-world problems. In a world driven by data and analytics, these skills are invaluable for any young mind seeking to make a positive impact on society.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Variables and Equations

As our students progress to Algebra classes, they venture into the realm of variables, expressions, equations, and graphs. Here, they unlock the secrets of problem-solving and critical thinking, honing their ability to analyze complex situations and devise solutions. Algebra is not just about solving equations; it is about cultivating the art of logical reasoning and releasing the power of mathematical thinking.

Embracing the Art of Logic and Proof

Geometry introduces our students to the enchanting world of logic and proof. They learn to dissect shapes and unlock the mysteries of angles and dimensions. Beyond the pure theoretical knowledge, geometry nurtures a sense of structure and order in our students’ minds, laying the foundation for innovative thinking and design.

Nurturing Mathematical Fluency

At Prodigy, we believe in fostering an environment of continuous growth and learning. Daily assessments and engaging activities allow our students to develop mathematical fluency, ensuring they grasp the concepts with clarity and confidence. We encourage them to approach challenges with curiosity and resilience, enabling them to conquer any mathematical hurdle with ease.

Empowering Minds for a Mathematical Future

As we embark on this mathematical journey at Prodigy, we witness young minds blossom into analytical thinkers and problem solvers. Mathematics empowers our students to see beyond numbers; it nurtures a holistic understanding of the world and enables them to contribute to its advancement. With a solid foundation in Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry, our students are equipped to unlock doors of endless opportunities, preparing them to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. At Prodigy, we celebrate the magic of mathematics and nurture young geniuses to embrace their mathematical prowess, becoming architects of a brighter tomorrow.

Unraveling The Marvels of Mathematics

A Journey at Prodigy

In the vast tapestry of life, mathematics weaves the threads of patterns and structure that shape our understanding of the world. From the everyday tasks of calculating expenses and interpreting data to the monumental feats of constructing skyscrapers and predicting complex phenomena, math is the omnipresent tool that empowers us to navigate through life’s intricacies. At Prodigy, we recognize the significance of mathematical knowledge and strive to equip our students with the skills they need to succeed in this ever-evolving world.

Unleashing The Wonders of Science

A Journey of Discovery at Prodigy

Science, the boundless realm of curiosity and exploration, holds far more than just the promise of groundbreaking discoveries. At its core lies the power to transform us into inquisitive thinkers, adept problem solvers, and innovative visionaries. At Prodigy, we strive to ignite the flame of inspiration within our students, opening their minds to the awe-inspiring changes science has brought to our society.

Beyond the Classroom Walls

To truly grasp the essence of science, we believe in immersing our students in the practical applications of its principles. Field visits and hands-on experiments allow them to witness the marvels of science firsthand. From understanding the laws of physics to witnessing chemical reactions unfold before their eyes, these experiences fuel their enthusiasm for learning and spark a lifelong curiosity.

Where Imagination Meets Reality

At Prodigy, we encourage our students to venture beyond textbooks and embrace the world of group projects. These collaborative endeavors unleash their creativity, enabling them to translate abstract concepts into tangible realities. As they brainstorm, experiment, and innovate together, they not only deepen their understanding of science but also cultivate teamwork and communication skills vital for success in any endeavor.

Empowering Global Awareness and Responsible Citizenship

In our quest to nurture well-rounded individuals, Earth Science takes center stage in our curriculum. It instills in our students the conviction to think globally and act locally. As they unravel the Earth’s present features and its intriguing evolution, they realize their power as responsible citizens and stewards of our planet. Earth Science equips them with the knowledge and tools to make sound decisions that will shape a brighter future for themselves and generations to come.

Engraving Science in Hearts and Minds

At Prodigy, we understand that science is not just a collection of abstract concepts but a journey of exploration and understanding. By embracing hands-on methods and engaging activities, we help our students internalize these scientific lessons, leaving an indelible mark in their hearts and minds. This experiential approach ensures that the wonders of science become an integral part of their being, inspiring them to pursue scientific pursuits with passion and purpose.

Unraveling The Tapestry Of Science

As we embark on this captivating journey of scientific exploration at Prodigy, we witness young minds transforming into avid learners and inquisitive thinkers. The benefits of learning science go far beyond the walls of the classroom; they lay the foundation for a lifetime of questioning, discovering, and innovating. As our students uncover the mysteries of science, they gain not only knowledge but also the power to make a difference in the world. At Prodigy, we celebrate the limitless possibilities of science and equip our students to become the architects of a better and more enlightened future. So let us dive into the wonders of science together and unlock the infinite potential that lies within each of us!


Step into the enchanting world of creativity and imagination at Prodigy, where the transformative power of the arts awaits! Our art classes are a gateway for our students to explore the vast realm of self-expression and embrace their individuality. Through the strokes of a brush, the shaping of clay, and the dance of colors on canvas, our students embark on a journey of artistic discovery. As they dive into the composition of drawing, painting, and sculpting, they not only hone their technical skills but also unleash their inner storytellers. The arts are more than just aesthetics; they are the magical conduits that channel emotions, ideas, and dreams into masterpieces. Beyond the classroom walls, our students learn to think outside the box, develop critical problem-solving abilities, and celebrate their unique perspectives. The arts are not just about creating beauty; they nurture personal growth, instilling a sense of confidence and emotional intelligence that empowers them in every facet of life. So, join us on this colorful odyssey where creativity knows no bounds, and the transformative power of the arts awaits to illuminate the path to endless possibilities!

The Creation Of Community And Student Support

At Prodigy, our utmost priority is to create a joyful and enriching learning experience for our students. We understand that education goes beyond textbooks and exams; it is about fostering a sense of belonging and meaningful connections. In our vibrant campus, we regularly gather and hold meetings, encouraging students to engage and share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences with one another. One of our most cherished events is the Recreation Evening, a time for our students to shine and showcase their talents, be it in arts, sports, or any other area they are passionate about.

Mentoring is at the heart of our educational approach. We believe that every student is unique and deserves individualized support and guidance. Through mentoring, we ensure that our students feel valued, respected, and heard. Our dedicated educators closely monitor the needs of each student and tailor their support accordingly, making sure that no one falls through the cracks. Whether it’s academic challenges or personal growth, our students have continuous access to mentoring throughout the year.

At Prodigy, we strive to create an environment where students not only excel academically but also feel nurtured and empowered to become confident individuals. We celebrate their accomplishments, encourage them to dream big, and help them reach their full potential. Our commitment to joy, support, and meaningful connections makes Prodigy a place where learning becomes an inspiring journey of self-discovery and growth.