Our Features


Charles W. Eliot beautifully captures the essence of books as the quietest and most steadfast companions, offering boundless wisdom and patient guidance. At Prodigy, we nurture a love for literature in young minds, immersing them in a world of fun and magic. Our accessible and delightful library stands open all day, empowering them to grow wiser with every page turned.


In the realm of sports, Ken Doherty highlights the five S’s that shape champions: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit, with the latter standing tall as the greatest attribute of all. At Prodigy, we ignite the sporting passion in our children, offering a diverse array of engaging sports like football, cricket, badminton, archery, and more. Through these exhilarating activities, they develop unwavering stamina, sharpen their speed, and amplify their strength. Beyond physical prowess, we instill the essence of sportsmanship, fostering a resilient spirit that thrives on determination and camaraderie, driving our young athletes to achieve greatness both on and off the field.

Snack Corner

At Prodigy, we wholeheartedly embrace a healthy way of eating, understanding the significance of nourishing young bodies and minds. Following the expert advice of nutritionists, we take pride in curating a delightful snack corner within our environment, brimming with tasty and nutritious treats. Our children are granted the freedom to enjoy these wholesome snacks at any time of the day, encouraging them to cultivate mindful eating habits and savor the goodness that fuels their growth and learning journey.

Sick Bay

At Prodigy, the well-being of every child holds paramount importance. With utmost care and attention to their health, we have a dedicated staff nurse always ready to provide assistance in our well-equipped sick bay. This haven is designed to offer a serene and comfortable environment, complete with clean air, cozy beds, and a fully stocked first aid kit.

Montessori-Trained Adult

At Prodigy, the role of the Montessori adults is one of great responsibility and versatility. As educators, they take on the noble task of inspiring and igniting the children’s thirst for knowledge and skills. With their wealth of teaching expertise, they serve as excellent guides on the young learners’ educational journey.


At Prodigy, the safety and well-being of every child is our topmost priority. To ensure secure travel, we provide advanced transport facilities equipped with state-of-the-art tracking systems. Our dedicated buses strictly adhere to the school schedule, guaranteeing timely and efficient transportation for all students. With responsible drivers and vigilant staff, we take every measure to create a secure and comfortable journey for our young learners.