For children aged 2.5 to 6 years


At Prodigy, our focus on primary children’s development goes beyond just academics. We understand that this stage is crucial for vocabulary expansion, where children eagerly absorb new words. As they slowly become aware of their surroundings and the people around them, we provide a stimulating environment with exciting activities that satiate their curiosity and foster a love for learning. Our emphasis on independent exploration empowers children to discover the world on their terms.

During this phase, some kids may encounter challenges like tantrums, but we are there to support them. At Prodigy, we teach essential manners, nurturing respectful behaviour. Our well-equipped environment offers a myriad of learning materials that refine their sensory perception and encourage hands-on learning experiences. Through engaging activities, we enhance their language and mathematical comprehension, ensuring their overall development is well-rounded and holistic. At Prodigy, we take pride in providing a nurturing and inspiring space where young minds can flourish and grow.

Primary Curriculum Fosters The Following

Through the process of learning gracefulness, children acquire the ability to express their comfort and self-respect while also respectfully communicating their feelings to others. Learning about courtesy enables them to demonstrate respect towards others, adopting appropriate manners that they observe from their guides in the surrounding environment.

Our emphasis lies in guiding children to develop unique qualities and flourish in social settings. We achieve this by instructing them in fundamental motor skills, improving hand-eye coordination, building hand strength, enhancing balance, fostering concentration, and cultivating their independence so they can perform tasks on their own.

We incorporate sensorial materials as aids for learning, enabling the child to engage all five senses in the educational process. Through this approach, the child develops the ability to discern various qualities such as color, size, shape, length, texture, and sound.

We offer a wide range of language exercises that allow children to begin their learning journey even before reaching the elementary level. These exercises effectively teach them how to read from books and independently write sentences.

The arithmetic materials provide students with tangible experiences of quantities, from which they can then grasp abstract concepts like numbers, the fundamentals of the decimal system, arithmetic operations, and fractions.

We offer cultural subjects that enable children to explore the richness and heritage of various cultures around the world. Through these subjects, they gain an appreciation for the diversity and marvels of different cultures and their people. Learning about these cultures broadens their perspective and understanding of the world.